JOGLE Day 51 22/06/17 Cheddar – Goathurst 25 miles

Possibly the most difficult day of the walk and no hills to climb!! Had a good evening in Cheddar but didn’t sleep well – too warm then too cold – so left tired and not looking forward to the Somerset levels. I had planned to use roads again as much as possible but in some places I had no option but to cross fields on invisible paths, detour around blocked routes (cattle, fences and vegetation). At one point I had to put on my waterproofs just to get through a gate infested with nettles and brambles above head height. I had to stop twice to empty my boots and get rid of seeds and grass etc from my socks. So by the time I crossed the M5 for the final (6th) time at Bridgwater I was already very frustrated. At least the weather was cooler than the last few days. Bridgwater was easy to navigate with a map but not the most inspiring town. The final few miles to Goathurst were tiring and my body and mind just wanted the day to end. The Secret Valley camp site at Cobbs Cross farm was a nice end to a very tough day. Glad to get it out of the way though and looking forward to the Quantock Hills tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “JOGLE Day 51 22/06/17 Cheddar – Goathurst 25 miles”

  1. Well done Dave, from your research, that was always going to be a tough frustrating day. Great to have it behind you and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the Quantocks better tomorrow, sleep well x

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