JOGLE Day 50 21/06/17 Clapton in Gordano – Cheddar 20 miles 

Similar strategy today for energy management to cope with the expected 30 degree temperatures. So minimal messing around in fields and cut out a stretch of Mendips and the Cheddar Gorge at the end. The only real climb was to get out of Clapton over the M5 motorway and up to an old military camp other new views across the Somerset levels 

After this there was a sequence of minor roads to avoid fields, more cyclists than cars, until I got Yatton, where I had a rest st the station before heading on the Strawberry Line disused railway track

I followed this track to Sandford for a lunch stop then opted to continue along it for the rest of the way to Cheddar. Two real things of note – a long, very dark railway tunnel and the lovely town of Axbridge where I took the opportunity to get a hair cut at NuGents owned by a really nice guy called Tom, who did my hair, gave me an ice cold coke and would not charge me a penny. Great bloke!

Suitably groomed and refreshed I ventured back out into the heat for the final 2 miles to Cheddar and a lovely campsite at Petruth Paddocks.

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  1. Wonderful story and photo of you and Tom, glad you found respite from the heat at the barber’s…..brilliant treat for you! I’m sure your head will be significantly lighter and cooler now x

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