JOGLE Day 52 23/06/17 Goathurst – Roadwater 18 miles

Woke today feeling a million time better and positive after a good sleep. After a couple of road miles and climbing through some surprisingly easy farmland I emerged onto to Quantocks Moor and up to the highest point called Wills Neck. It was a bit windy but the views were amazing all around – I guess I have to say I’ve seen the sea now properly for the first time since JOG.A stretch of wooded path connected the next part of the moor where I followed tracks to Bicknoller, descending the steep Combe to the village and a pit stop at the local store. After the last few days it felt so liberating to be on high open moorland again! 

Leaving Bicknoller I then had to go through the Brendon Hills with views back to the Quantocksand chose minor roads over fields where possible to pass through Monksilver and Nettlecombe before reaching Roadwater and the camp at Lowood Farm with spirits high and yesterday’s trial a distant memory.

Tomorrow I will discover Exmoor.