JOGLE Day 19 19/05/17 Winchburgh – West Linton 22 miles

The overnight worries about a possible shin splint were dealt with by some of Cath’s adept strapping skills and a change of footwear – Altberg boots replacing Salomon shoes – and it worked. The first 5 miles along the canal past the enormous shale bings peculiar to this area (wierd memories of Ayres Rock came to mind) 

and through the town of Broxburn – not the prettiest place on the planet but some very friendly dog walkers. I eventually left the Canal at Lins Mill Aqueduct and had a nice woodland path all the way to the other side of Mid Calder, sadly spoiled by a very pungent smelling sewage plant – even with my weak sense of smell it was seriously bad. A quick lunch stop by the busy A81 and then onwards to the Pennine Way-esque route through the Pentland Hills towards West Linton via Corston Hill, with superb panoramic views, and the delightfully named Cauldstane Slap ​along the old Drovers/Thieves path, opening up views of the Southern Uplands still to come. A short day tomorrow to Peebles should be good to recharge the batteries for the challenges to follow. Note to self: must eat more!

6 thoughts on “JOGLE Day 19 19/05/17 Winchburgh – West Linton 22 miles”

  1. Glad the shins are still intact, yes you must keep your strength up by eating, hoping I can join you again soon xx

  2. Just catching up on your adventures hope you have recovered from shin splint you are doing marvellous well done! Hope all your crew are ok too keep going Dave looking forward to seeing you in Hawes bringing a couple of Micks curries with us so plenty of food! XX

    1. Shin is ok thanks – looking forward to a curry – not sure it’s a wise move with 15 miles to do the next day though x see you soon.

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