JOGLE Day 20 20/05/17 West Linton – Peebles 11 miles.

Broke the 400 mile mark today, pretty pleased with that! It rained all morning so it was good to have a short day and get dry and rested. Food is becoming a topical subject – I’m not a big eater but the evident weight loss needs to be addressed, although the breakfast 20g protein yoghurt was revolting (passion fruit and papaya from Arla, sorry guys) but I’m sure the strawberry flavour will be fine! The walk continued on the Drovers Road and took me along a road and up into some woods and moorland before climbing into a dark forest section. It descended to farmland where I met Hannibal Lecter the horse before climbing again over a hill and dropping down into Peebles. Heavy rain but not too windy. Let’s get the bad weather done before I hit the Pennine Way next week.