JOGLE Day 18 18/05/17 Kilsyth – Winchburgh 27 miles

Today we said goodbye and a massive thanks to Jan and Dave for their support – the company, encouragement and friendship has been amazing. After a dull 9 miles and only one boat in sight we met at the Falkirk wheel as I left the Forth and Clyde Canal and walked up via the tunnel to the Union Canal for the rest of the day. Cath had taken PJ to a vet in Falkirk and his paw is still in one piece, a new dressing and more antibiotics. I set off again with still a long way to go heading east towards Linlithgow via the long, dark Falkirk tunnel. The towpath was becoming quite hard on the legs, my right shin starting to ache. The scenery was OK but no real views so I just marched onward until I met Ally again sitting on a bench looking quite tired. He had a painful blister and was struggling so had decided to go to a campsite nearby. After a quick chat we wished each other luck and on I went. Some time later I passed two guys in kayaks on the Canal and said hello. Not long after I met a lady who had found a mobile phone on a bench. The phone was unlocked so I dialled a recent contact. It was the owner’s son. I explained what had happened, took his address and promised to mail the phone to him. Feeling good about my deed I ignored my leg pain and sped on. A short while later I was asked about the phone by two ladies – still no idea how they knew but almost immediately a man appeared – instantly I knew this was the owner of the phone and he knew I had recovered it for him. It turned out that he was one of the guys in kayaks I had spoken to earlier and after I told him what I’m doing It transpired that he has an enlarged prostate, so I gave him my details and asked if he would donate. He was extremely grateful and promised he would. I will not name him here for obvious reasons. That event buoyed me for the last 5 miles or so till I reached Winchburgh in the sunshine and the Tally Ho hotel where we camp tonight. Right shin is sore so will have to monitor that.