JOGLE Day 44 14/06/17 Rockbridge – Kington 9 miles

Yes! Only 9 miles, but no phone, so no live route tracking and no Apple steps data, just my GPS to record distance and time.  I took my IPad in the event that a decent picture opportunity arose, but when I met the impressive Lucy Wood who is walking LEJOG alone unsupported I forgot I had it. This young lady is doing really well, I will be checking her blog Lucy wood walks to see her progress. The walk today took me up a couple of quiet roads to rejoin Offas Dyke Path, along some nice sections of the Dyke itself and an airy stop for lunch where I remembered the IPad.Not long after a steep descent via a golf course i arrived into Kington ahead of Cath, who of course had no way of contacting me now if anything went wrong with Betty. She duly arrived on time followed not longer after by Chris and Claire. The weather remained fine so we had a relaxed afternoon and evening before the serious walking resumed on Day 45.

2 thoughts on “JOGLE Day 44 14/06/17 Rockbridge – Kington 9 miles”

  1. Just got round to checking your blog. Thanks for the shout out! Hope you’re still going strong, looks like you’re cracking on, despite the heat!

    1. Hi Lucy yeah it’s been a bit tough but I’m sure you had it even tougher up north carrying a big pack! Only 11 days left now.

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