JOGLE Day 43 13/06/17 Craven Arms – Rockbridge 21 miles

An overnight decision to change route to Knighton meant a slightly longer day than planned but would get me 6 miles further along Offas Dyke Path to our planned campsite. Cath spent all day trying to sort out a Betty with an RAC escort to Ludlow without knowing whether she would be able to meet me or not. I was without a tent so there was not much choice really. So the first part of the day to Knighton was following the route in Andy Robinsons End to End Trail book, only backwards, which meant lost time, map misreads and some GPS checking to keep me on track. The route was OK – it passed through a couple of small villages, one with a tea-room highly recommended by the book – it was closed! The path was steep and muddy in parts, overgrown in others and a couple of rowdy cow fields, so I was feeling a bit frustrated by the time I reached Knighton and sat down for some lunch and tried to contact Cath for an update. The news was that she was going to make it to the campsite at Rockbridge around the same time as me. From Knighton I joined the Offas Dyke Path which, after a steep start undulated nicely, with some decent views before descending to Dolley Green where I followed the road to the camp site. Good news, my phone camera seemed to gave started working properly again. With better weather, Betty seemingly fixed, a short day in store tomorrow to Kington and Chris and Claire rejoining us, spirits were raised…what else could go wrong? Well as yet their are no photos for this post, overnight my phone died and will not wake up…need to come up with a plan.