JOGLE Day 1 30/04/17 Huna – Mybster 21 miles

After a quite windy night (thank heavens for earplugs) we were up just after 7 and getting ready for the “real” start. The wind was still howling as we had breakfast, went through the van checklist and plan for the day. Soon enough it was goodbye and off en route, me leaving Cath and PJ (the dog) behind to pack up. Today was mainly single track lanes past farms and acres of wild bogs, no hills of note but on particular straight stretch which went on forever. Wind was from south east (oddly) but quite cold until the sun showed its face around lunchtime. Cath met me as arranged around halfway (11 miles) and we had a quick salad and planned the afternoon. At this point I have to say that Cath is fast becoming a legend, mastering Betty (the van) and improving her map reading skills as well as being in charge of food, logistics and pretty much everything else – all I do is walk.

So after lunch more lanes and wind down past Loch Watten, and 5 miles further to the meeting point. In summary a decent day, no pains, 22 more miles and a nice bit of grub at the Brown Trout in Watten. As I write just negotiating an overnight stay on the pub car park.  

I have to mention also the Clif energy bar that I tried today – White Macadamia Nut – very tasty and I am not a nut lover, but that gets a big tick!

More tomorrow

8 thoughts on “JOGLE Day 1 30/04/17 Huna – Mybster 21 miles”

  1. Well done Dave – looking forward to the many reads ahead! Well done Cath for the support I am sure the odd bottle of Vino will be supplied as well!! X

    1. Thanks Deb, Not too much alcohol, Cath is driving and a thick head is no good for 20 miles the next day ! Keep reading please

  2. It must be a great feeling finally to be underway and ticked off day 1 after so much planning and preparation…..well done. Can vouch for the merits of Clif bars…..very nutritious and sustaining! Looks like some good weather over the next few days so hopefully you’ll warm up!

    1. Hi again – thanks for following. Progress is good, the weather has been amazing but the wind is still chilly. We have wifi now so I’m catching up …

    1. Yes thanks – all is good so far, one or two small mishaps but no real issues xx

  3. Fantastic news! BTW your wife has always been a legend! Great start for you both xx

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