JOGLE Day 0 29/04/17 John O’Groats – Huna 2 miles

Well it’s no going back now – all roads lead south towards Lands End. Arrived at JOG a bit later than hoped – a couple of “learning” experiences with the van, officially christened Betty at least for the remainder of this adventure. So we headed straight to the start point and after a brief photo shoot I set off on my way, following Cath to our campsite at Stroma View, 1.7 miles along my route. It is clear and dry but very windy so not ideal but could be a lot worse. A good meal, good sleep and the long haul south starts in the morning.

4 thoughts on “JOGLE Day 0 29/04/17 John O’Groats – Huna 2 miles”

  1. Pleasure to meet you both in the Brown Trout at tea time tonight. Full of admiration for the walking Dave and the driving Cath – hope PJ isn’t to much of a back seat driver. Take care and good luck!
    Audrey and Alan

    1. Hi Audrey and Alan it was great to meet and talk with you, thanks for the message and your donation. Your support means so much. We have made it to Lairg now on schedule and looking forward to more of Scotland in the next days and weeks

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