JOGLE Day 58 29/06/17 Boscastle – Wadebridge 20 miles

Incessant overnight rain made for a soggy and late start as I mulled over possible routes and helped to make sure Betty wasn’t bogged down at the camp site. I took roads through Boscastle then decided to head for the coastal path at Tintagel – as much out of curiosity to see what it’s really like. As I climbed up onto the clifftop it became apparent how windy it was and only a few die hard tourists at the castle.I followed the SWCP along the cliff top until it dropped down a steep and often slippy path to Trebarwith Strand. There were some good views but at one point I had to stop and brace myself against the strong gusts.A hot coffee was in order at the Strand Cafe and I decided then to go for country lanes rather than back on the cliffs. I would anyway be leaving the coastal path at Port Isaac to get to Wadebridge. A combination of AA roadmap, my printed OS pages and some GPS planning plotted a route which took me along lanes through some little Cornish villages like St Teath, Pendoggett and Amble. The final mile or so was back to the Andy Robinson book route and resulted in some boggy overgrown fields with dilapidated stiles and dodgy footbridges – felt like being back in Staffordshire! Got to the camp site safely and found Cath had made a rallying call which meant loads of messages of support and encouragement – quite overwhelming, but much needed as the mental strain is tough to manage and the weather shows not sign of improvement.

4 thoughts on “JOGLE Day 58 29/06/17 Boscastle – Wadebridge 20 miles”

  1. If you had used your Ricky Martin skills you could have danced all this! Keep going! Youre doing great. X

  2. Can’t believe this weather for June…..good that Betty’s got heating to dry you out! Well done Dave, another day closer and hopefully not so wet today x

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