JOGLE Day 5 04/05/17 Crask Inn – Lairg 18 miles

An odd day! Having slept ok on our sloping pitch, I took PJ for a quick walk pre-breakfast and he decided to try some peat bog hopping – one dirty dog! After breakfast and pack away was organised I set off again under clear blue skies. Getting to Lairg by road is straightforward just one road to follow for about 13 miles. I had planned a more scenic winding route through forestry land before rejoining the main road near the end of the day. After about 3 miles I suddenly realised my maps had fallen out of my pocket. After a short retracing of my steps and no sign I decided to carry on using my memory of the route with occasional GPS checking my position. That worked well as I wound my way through areas of destroyed and healthy forest past logging operations and a strong smell of fresh pine – I had to video the monster felling and stripping a pine tree. The day got warmer and the undulating forest track was easy walking. Eventually I left the forest back onto the main single track road  towards Lairg. After it became 2 lanes I had a mile or so of verge hopping to stay out of the way of speeding cars. As Loch Shin cam into view I turned off road for the final mile to arrive at Lairg. Tonight we are on a camp site for the first time since JOG – we have electricity and wifi so I’ve been busy getting all up to date.

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