JOGLE Day 48 19/06/17 Monmouth – Aust 24 miles

Strange old day but overall I think I managed it pretty well. Conscious of the hot temperatures I decided to stay with the low routes along the river Wye as much as possible rather than going for the higher Offas Dyke Path. A few overgrown fields on the first part meant wet feet but that was ok as I got a fair bit of shade at times, particularly along the old railway line and in wooded areas. I stopped and watched one of several fishermen standing near weirs in the river, but not for long! After passing the impressive Tintern Abbey ruins I finally had no choice but to gain height and very quickly had a path misread through a quarry which cost me an extra half mile – not welcome in the 30 degree heat. Once up though the path was easy to follow, one or two road shortcuts at times on the way to Chepstow. I could not resist the urge to stop for 10 minutes at the Tesco service station shop, if was like being in refrigerator!! Next was the Severn Bridge which I had dreaded, but with my iPod drowning out the door traffic noise, hardly any wind and awesome views it was actually an amazing walk! Only shame was that I couldn’t take any photos.. I soon arrived in Aust at the farm and had a cold foot bath waiting.

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  1. Your foot spa looks bliss……well done in all this ridiculous heat! Great to see photos posted again, hope technology now behaving better. Also hope your shoulder benefitted from the weekend massage treatment and is more comfortable for you. Hang on in there this week and it should cool off a bit soon! Love Claire x

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