JOGLE Day 46 16/06/17 Hay-on-Wye – Pandy 17 miles

No phone, no photos but great company and great weather for the long trek over Hatterrall Ridge and up to 2200feet, highest point on Offas Dyke Path. Fuelled by bacon and egg sandwiches, Chris Robinson and I set off and encountered immediate problems negotiating the streets of Hay before finally finding the path amongst the apparent plethora of car parks and public toilets. A short while later as we started the climb to Hay Bluff we took a wrong turn, adding a bit of distance and almost becoming uninvited guests at a funeral. We backtracked to the proper path and continued the long, partially quite steep climb. Sheltered from the wind and in bright sunshine the perspiration was flowing nicely. We crossed an open moor past a trilogy of marker stones, a clearly incorrect milestone (16 miles to Pandy!) and through a “sunken” depression before completing the climb up onto the ridge. The next 10 miles were punctuated by not very much really, 3 trig points, a few wild ponies, the odd walker, and cairns. Our conversations kept us going and eventually some nice views opened up across Herefordshire. After lunch we continued the final miles along the ridge then down through some lanes, fields into Pandy and a well earned beer waiting for Cath and Claire to arrive. A lovely couple of days and we wished Chris and Claire well as they sped of towards Stroud for the weekend. A change of schedule means my final rest day in Monmouth tomorrow, returning to Pandy Sunday morning to continue the trek.