JOGLE Day 27 27/05/17 Greg’s Hut – Dufton 10 miles

I had a peaceful (earplug aided) night in the bothy, amazing comfortable and rose early to a beautiful morning. Did not quite see the sunrise but sleep was more important. The views from the Hut were superb – a great way to start the day despite my complaining feet.As I hauled myself up to and over the summit of Cross Fell, the views of the Great Dun Fell golf ball loomedEventually over Little Dun Fell (a story for another day) and Great Dun Fell to the lovely cairn called Knock Old Man and the long descent down into Dufton with the distant skyline of the Lake District ahead of meAs most walkers will testify, going downhill is harder than going up. I am no different. It was a slow and often painful descent with a number of stops to give my sore feet a break. I was more than happy to take my time and finally arrived in Dufton close to midday.I had decided to treat myself to the Youth Hostel to avoid the need for pitching my tent, even though the predicted bad weather still showed no sign of coming. No surprises then that for the second time on this trek the Hostel was full, so I am on Grandie caravan park, and a nice hot shower later settled in the village shop – The Post Box Pantry – charging my devices, enjoying a cheeseburger and getting this blog up to date! Tomorrow afternoon I’m looking forward to meeting my co-father-in-law Chris who will walk with me down to Hawes.

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  1. We can see Cross Fell in the distance from our house! Glad you’ve arrived safely in Cumberland and the Eden valley, well done. Hope you enjoy ‘grand’ hospitality in Dufton and that you got to watch the cup final. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow x

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