JOGLE Day 25 25/05/17 Stonehaugh – Haltwhistle 13 miles

Got to Dufton with a half day spare so time to catch up on the last 3 days. Woke up in Stonehaugh to be greeted by mist and hoards of midges invading my tent. Still got the bites on my legs as a reminder. Packed up and set off by which time the sun was blazing and I was hoping for as much shade as possible, knowing there would not be much on Hadrians Wall later. Rejoining the PW I found another useless stile for my collectionThe tramp through Redesdale Forest was shady but boggy, although perhaps not as bad as I had been told by people I met the previous day. Eventually it was out into the sunlight and across the last 2 miles to the Whin Sill and Hadrians Wall where I had arranged to meet friends Lynda and Ray with their dog Luna. It was hot and hard work up and down between the milecastles as we made our way along the wall to Cawfields, stopping for lunch at the famous sycamore gap.I walked the last 2 miles or so to Haltwhistle alone as Lynda and Ray went ahead in their car to the camp site where Cath was waiting with cold beers at the ready. All the more cause to celebrate as I passed the 500 mile mark today.

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  1. Wow, well done Dave on your 500 milestone! Fantastic achievement, especially in this heat. Hopefully it will burn off the bitey things! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow x

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