JOGLE Day 23 23/05/17 Jedburgh – Byrness 21 miles

Woke up to sunshine after a rainy night and got away quite late but was soon into the calf-warming climb up into the countryside and onto the Dere Street old roman road which used to connect York to Edinburgh. The path varied from stony farm track to uneven bridle path to country lane as it undulated its way towards the Cheviot Hills 

With a last look at the Scottish skyline I climbed up into the hills and after a wrong turn following 2 walkers with a dog finally made it to the Pennine Way and back into England, then back into Scotland again twice before eventually crossing the border into Northumberland for good after almost 23 days and 460 miles full of amazing memories. 

The English skyline spread before me – I was sure could see as far as the North Yorkshire moors. 

The Pennine Way memories started to return as I tramped the last few miles off the Cheviots and down the steep rocky, then muddy path into Byrness. Met some nice people today  … a lady whose father had died from  prostate cancer and two guys doing the Pennine Way who knew all about me before I even spoke! They had met Cath already at Byrness campsite – she really is doing an amazing job supporting me – things like that give me an enormous lift when I am tired. Tomorrow will be a tent night at Stonehaugh.